Dining Services

Harbor Tower Village offers excellent cuisine and friendly service in a beautiful dining room. Meals are planned by our Corporate Director of Dining Services, and are based on the same high quality standard that is the hallmark of Harbor Tower.

“Everything has been good so far. One day they served something at lunch I didn’t like, so I told them and asked for a tomato sandwich, and they made it for me, and it was great!”
-Harold “Hal” Johnson

Three meals a day are included for Harbor Tower residents. Our Choice Dining Anytime allows each resident the opportunity to enjoy leisurely meals in a lovely setting with new and old friends alike. A wide variety of food choices are available, including a tableside salad selection, several cold and hot food selections along with fresh home-made breads and pastries at each meal.

A weekly menu cycle, as well as a Resident Dining Services Forum ensures satisfaction to every resident’s taste.

Stop by for a visit today and ENJOY LUNCH ON US!


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